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Tales of Jim’s Tree


History itself is a part of the establishment and Tell us where is the path goes, Likewise is the chronicles of Jim Corbett since 1936 which make it the oldest national park. It would not be wrong to say that Jim Corbett National park is a protagonist among National park in India.

Its name carrying once said people don’t care about animals because they don’t vote, well for time being it was true but right now every people I would bet say otherwise.

Jim Corbett national park is a panoply of the combination of a variety of plant and endangered species of animals. It is an ecotourism mile stop of tourist and it has a collection of 488 different species, subspecies and fossil of ancient history. 1318.54 square kilometres of this land has the capability to add a new chapter in your life, lots of new memory, experiences and the moment that push a smile on your face when you remember it. Modern world noise is quiet here but the natural collection is constantly calling you to explore much. This ecosystem comprises of numerous ravines, ridge minor streams and small plateaus. You get a chance to see Patli Dun Valley formed by Ram Ganga river. Temperature is quite stable concerning the winter and summer. This reserve is located along the lesser Himalaya in the north and the Shivalik in the south.

586, This number disclosed the fauna of this forest which include crested serpent eagle, blossom headed parakeet, Red jungle fowl and ancestors of all domestic fowl. During yours in and out from that entry gate, it will be your complete natural visual experience that you can carry in your head all along with your life. The sunny day, the light is sieving through intra-space of leaves, cooling effectively.

Being first in the line, Jim Corbett National park is one of ten largest national parks in India, is a great place to explore don’t keep yourself away from it.

Often I have heard, people always complaining about, that they didn’t get a chance to see all the zones in the limited time, well I asked this question to myself, and one of the key reason I found is time we too and fro invested from hotel to a location. Moving to the solution is the location of the hotel that you choose.

Use Legacy

                                                              Well, here comes the land of nod, Clarissa resort, it is well-nigh to Corbett in the middle of the golden radius which is famous for its view. Most of the reviews I read online suggesting Clarissa resort is the best resort in Jim Corbett, So I went there to witness this claim and I was completely amazed that whatever I heard is right. I spent three days over there and I am fully satisfied with their service like room service, dining service, pool and of course the location. First of all, they treat their customers really well on a priority basis. The resort has hired professional to do the work and management which is quite visible when they talk and handle customers. Cleaning room two times a day, a fresh towel is what I want, I am sure you also looking for the same.  Management is totally devoted to their customers if you have any query day or night I noticed 15min is that all you have to wait. I am sharing what I have experienced in my visit. So please visit Clarissa resort official website and check out their facilities