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One day, I guess it was winter in India, taking dinner with family suddenly my brother asked me, dude couldn’t you take a day off and spend some time with us. Well, that was a valid hurl, no doubt I was quite busy since my new project has started so I reacted very fast, took a map and rummage for a place. Well as I am near to the Delhi 250 km range would work for me and for my family. Suddenly my eye caught the Oldest National park in India and I remembered MAN VS WILD show where our #Prime Minister went with #Bear Grylls.

What I am looking here? Well, I want to gaze on the specifications particularly like family out, short off from my routine, spiritual places, trekking, rivers, understanding animal habitat, wildlife photography, safari, mountains and the best resort. Taking the next step forward that I should take is to book the 5* resort at a minimum price so I have gone through a plethora of resort based on locations and reviews, what I found is #Clarissaresort will suit to my pocket.

Jim Corbett National park is stretched over five regions just to maintain tourist activities effectively and these are# Dhikala zone, #Bijarani zone, #Jhirna zone, #Dhela zone, and #Durga Devi zone. Entry to this zone is facilitated through Jhirna gate which is 20 kilometres away from Ramnagar.

Dhikala  (Largest area in Jim Corbett)

What do you get to see in Dhikala? Well, word “completeness” I was talking about you will have it all here. It is 32 kilometres from Ramnagar near Patli Dun Valley and it is tagged as the most popular, largest and core area by innumerable people’s review. This area is operational from November-July so book accordingly. Your safari to this place gets you higher chance to see Royal Bengal Tigers with deer, chital, vulture, teal, dove, crocodile, cobra and so on and you can enjoy its natural view by staying in a lodge in core areas.


This is all weather zone, its entry is facilitated with Dhela Gate, situated at the southern edge of Corbett Reserve Park, this zone offers some exclusive sloth bear sighting along with the spectacular view of the landscape which is pretty rich in wildlife. The topography of the Jhirna one primarily is a dry deciduous type and consists of large grassland (chaur) know as the Laldhand Chaur. It contains numerous water streams and sun Himalayan ranges. So If you are there don’t miss that frame.


What I experienced is after Dhikala, Bijrani is a most popular area among six zones. Bijarni scenic landscape provides you with the perfection of natural arrangements like Bengal tigers leopards, a big elephant, black bears as well as different of deer and antelopes namely chital sambar, hog deer found in this zone. Aamdanda gate is the entrance to the Bijrani zone, which is located at the distance of around 1 km from the Ramnagar city. There is a buffer zone of 5 km after entering the gate, which you have to cross to get into the core zone. There is two forest rest houses locate in this zone and are available for tourists to stay here after making a booking for the night stay.

Durga devi zone.

This zone pins your journey with a spiritual touch, As to visit this zone best time is November to June and it is located 28km from Ramnagar though you won’t regret to travel so long because of densely tree covering the road, wind blow, and of course “The Tyndall effect” when the light passes through intra-space of leaves, amazing view to witness. Our wildlife photographer friend advises us to visit this place to see the flocks of birds and their murmurations. Be it a Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle, Black Chinned Yuhina, Maroon Oriole, Crested Laughing Thrush or a Long Tailed Broadbill, you name it and the Durga Devi Zone has it. Besides this, it is the very zone in Corbett where the endangered Mahseer fish come for breeding.

Dhela zone

The Dhela zone is the newly pinned zone in the tourism zones of the Corbett National Park that was opened in December 2014 for the safari tour. This zone also remains open all round the year for the tourists as like the Jhirna zone. However, the safari tour depends on the weather condition. The zone hold of mix topography which includes the dense forest of trees like Sal, Haldu, Bahera, Rohini and Kusum along with the large grasslands and various water bodies. This zone is rich in the fauna species too with the animals like the Royal Bengal tiger, leopards, wild elephants, Nilgai, different species of Deer, wild bears and the various species of reptiles and birds

Sitabani forest zone

Unfenced, The Sitabani forest zone is the reserve forest zone located outside the Corbett Tiger reserve area. The zone is treated as the Buffer area of the tiger reserve and is open to everyone to visit here. The landscape of this zone has a rich natural view which consists of dense dark forest and river streams along with many old temples at embankment. You will find a plethora of herbivore animals like elephants, deer, sambars, Nilgai and others roaming freely here. Though it is a buffer zone, tigers or leopards sighting is almost negligible here, but sometimes these dangerous predators are spotted here in search of their prey.

During the itinerary, My family felt a kind of reunion, so this is like #costtoreunion kind of thing for Instagram( social media) and I feel relieved that I completed the whole way in budget and big thanks to Clarissa resort, I remember the first time when I called them, without expecting something in return they shared all the information regarding pricing related to safari and hotel and as we shared we will land up with family the owner personally took the charge and gave us a huge discount as their priority is clearly defined. The resort got a huge property, providing calm, no noise of the outer world will touch you and of course room- a big thumb up for it well cleaned and placed.

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